Commercial LED Signs and Lighting

Commercial LED Products

DataLED TECHNOLOGIES INC can supply just about any products in the LED lighting field. However, we prefer to narrow our offerings to Yield To Bus Signs. If you are a customer who would like a long-term relationship with a company that delivers high quality LED Sign products providing the results that you expect, then DataLED is your source.

Commercial Signs & Products

We offer specialty yield sign lighting products that meet the needs of our bus transit customers.

Commercial Services

  • Airport Transportation Follow Me Signs
  • Platform Signs for Transportation Hubs
  • Destination Signs for Buses
  • Train Coming
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Powered Stop
  • LED Street Lamps
  • Solar Powered Street Lamp
  • Custom LED Lighting
  • Interior Lighting
  • Light Stack
  • Fridge Light
  • Wind Power
  • Windmill
  • Stop Sign
  • Yield Sign
  • Bus Stop Sign


DataLED TECHNOLOGIES  INC manufactures, distributes, and sells LED lighting, signs, and other products for businesses and commercial use. We ship throughout the United State and Canada.

Contact us for a service inquiry, to order a product, or to receive a free estimate and consultation.

A sample of our clients include

  • C-Tran

  • Gillig

  • New Flyer

  • Nova Bus

  • Motor Coach Industries

  • Pierce Transit

  • Prevost Parts Coach and Transit (distributor for Nova Bus)

  • RFTA Roaring Fork Transportation Authority

  • Schetky Northwest Sales, Inc

  • Sunset Empire Transportation District

  • Titan Bus Co.

  • Trimet (Tri-Metropolitan Transportation District)

  • Valley Transit Authority San Jose

  • Vapor Bus International / Ricon Corp

  • Western Bus Sales

  • Whatcom Transportation Authority