About us

In business for multiple decades, DataLED TECHNOLOGIES INC is a manufacturer and distributor company for LED products including stop signs, yield signs, bus signs, and fiber-optic signs for DOT. Our products are available for shipping throughout the U.S. and Canada. We developed our first LED lighting product in 1989 and supply products individually or in large quantities under multi-year contracts. Commercial LED products have never been easier to obtain. Located out of Oregon, we are a customer-driven company that takes great pride in our work. We are determined to expand our knowledge every day, and we work with our global team of hundreds of dedicated individuals within multiple countries to focus on our customers’ needs daily.

Passion for LED Technology

Our passion for LED technology is your solution for a great product that will work properly every time and give you the longevity you are looking for. We are never happy with the first product development and keep improving our products to meet today’s challenging times and our customers’ needs. 

About Us